Care, Not Control Campaign

The Care, Not Control (CNC campaign seeks to end youth incarceration in Pennsylvania. In late 2020, YASP partnered with the Village of Arts & Humanities, the Youth Sentencing & Reentry Project, and Juvenile Law Center to launch CNC.

CNC is a coalition of young people and youth advocates working to end youth incarceration. Together, we’ve created a vision for, and action steps towards, ending youth incarceration in Pennsylvania once and for all.

The story of youth incarceration in Pennsylvania is one of ineffective spending, racial discrimination, and unchecked abuse; of children being locked in adult jails; of life-altering trauma.

As you read our platform, we want you to remember this: we are not just working to end inhumane, ineffective, and racist practices—we are working to build a new world where every young person has a chance to thrive.

This new world is invested in care, rather than control. Full demands and more information at

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