Volunteer with YASP

YASP was created by young people for young people and, as such, we rely on the power and input of young people in order to function, especially those that have been directly involved in the adult criminal justice system.

YASP always needs volunteers to help out at special events, the youth hub, and with day-to-day responsibilities. We are looking for young people who are willing to learn, work, and engage with the mission of YASP.

Typical responsibilities of a volunteer include:

  • Educating community members about the impacts of youth incarceration and the movement to end the practice of prosecuting children as adults
  • Through the youth participatory defense hub, providing community support and court support for young people navigating the criminal legal system
  • Helping with outreach to community organizations, donors, + sustainers
  • Promoting YASP at community events
  • Helping with staff-led projects and organizing efforts


Please send an email to Sarah Morris (sarah@yasproject.com) or Gabby (gabby@yasproject.com) that includes a short description of how you would like to get involved.