September 10th 2013

October 5, 2022

Recently , YASP went inside of Jubilee Elementary school. We did a workshop with the 5th & 6th graders that attend there. Our workshop was about the school-to-prison pipeline. We asked the youth "when you think of a pipeline what do you think of ," most responses were that water runs through it. We made it clear to them that this particular pipeline is about someone who gets pushed out of school & then ends up in the prison system. This class was so amazing, they knew more than what we put out as far as the school closings & more prisons being built. To top it all off, this school started in 1977 with a small classroom in the back of a thrift store. It's amazing when you set out to make a powerful positive change how it can grow from nothing to something. We also filmed this workshop with the help of our scribe facilitators who are working with us on our documentary called "Stolen Dreams 2". We came to a conclusion that the more we educate our future, meaning our youth, the better the result we will see within our communities.

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