January 09th 2014

October 5, 2022

Hello Friends, Family, & YASP supporters. The documentary Stolen Dreams II Breaking the Cycle of youth Violence Trauma & Imprisonment was recently screened on January 7th,2014. Stolen Dreams II is an inspiring film that reaches out to the community to help get the word out about stopping violence and finding ways to address violence other than throwing our young people in jail. In the film, you’ll hear from young people who’ve been locked up, people who’ve lost family members to violence and young men and women who are currently in adult jails. We hope these different voices can give audiences a deeper understanding of how young people in Philly are impacted on a daily basis by violence and incarceration. The screening was such a huge success. It was a great audience, & lots of interesting questions. If you missed out on the screening you should buy the documentary which the funding would go to help support the work we do or contact us. Bring YASP to your communities, schools & colleges. IT TAKES A VILLAGE TO RAISE ONE CHILD ! - Tot & YASP TEAM

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